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Lexington Law is a leading credit repair law firm. The earliest consumer law practice of Lexington Law started in the early 1990s, and it grown from strength to strength and continuously lead the credit repair industry through emphasizing strict regulatory compliance and innovative solutions. Today, as a trusted leader in credit repair, Lexington Law redefines the credit repair landscape and continuously help clients take action on their credit.
Helping consumers take on their questionable credit legally at affordable price is at the core of Lexington Law and it inculcates every bit of that in its management. Lexington Law fights for every client’s legal right to a fair and accurate credit profile. The money you save with Lexington Law coupons is not restricted to credit repair service, but general litigation and services, child custody, bankruptcy, divorce, criminal defense, property and water rights, DUI defense, and in select cases Pro Bono.
With nearly 30 years of experience helping numerous credit repair clients to improve their credit reports, Lexington Law has developed effective tools and strategies to remove unfair, unsubstantiated negative and inaccurate items. Clients of Lexington Law have improved their credit through removing practically every type of questionable negative item. What sets Lexington Law apart from others is its innovative services, number of clients it served, its professional staff and published results such as number of negative items removed from client’s credit report and every single revised listing and so on.
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