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Adagio Teas Shopping Guide

Adagio Teas is a leading retailer offering a variety of tea, tea ware, blends and gifts. Rounding out the selection is a collection of items of tea, including black, PU ERH, flavors, chai, oolong, white, green, matcha, herbal, rooibos, decaf, masters, spices, iced, teabags and pantry and so on.
Adagio Teas sells whole-leaf loose teas and discovers the superior taste of artisan tea today. Teas of Adagio Teas are sourced directly from artisan growers in order to keep teas extremely fresh and brimming with flavor. All teas of Adagio Teas come with temperature and steeping time recommendations written on a label. For leaf quantity, the general recommendation is one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup of hot water while white teas should be doubled. Meanwhile, Adagio Teas offers five kinds of tea-of-the-month club including Black, Flavored, Decaf, Herbal and Green/Oolong, which is available for periods of six or twelve months. To keep shipping costs reasonable, Adagio Teas mails two monthly selections at a time. A six-month club is comprised of three bi-monthly shipments, and a twelve-month club is comprised of six bi-monthly shipments. Your membership starts and your first shipment will be mailed the day Adagio Teas receives the order. Customers like Adagio Teas because of its fast deliveries, great customer services and excellent varieties.
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